About parodybill


you gotta get a gimmick

We love logos. We love typography. We love pop culture. But, above all else, we love Broadway musicals.

In the fall of 2017, we had just seen the pre-Broadway production of Mean Girls in Washington, DC, and of course, loved it. The next day, while listening to the soundtrack from Dear Evan Hansen on the flight home, we started thinking, what would it look like if those two musicals crossed over? Would it be called, Dear Cady Heron? On the back of a napkin, we did a quick sketch of the simple logo mashup with the tag #YouCanSitWithUs, and voila, the concept for Parodybill was born.

We started running through Broadway and movie titles – making a list of potential parodies – and got to work creating the first ones.

Parodybill published its inaugural Instagram post on February, 22, 2018, coinciding with the first Broadway preview of Frozen. Since that day, we've been having the best time creating original musical mashups and parodies to share with all of you.

Be sure to following along on Instagram for all the latest content. You can even bring home some of your favorites as prints and graphic tees at the Parodybill online shop, where a portion of all proceeds are donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.


The most important part is coming up with the specific mashup idea. It has to be clever (or at least we have to think it's clever!). Once we have the idea of which two shows or movies or styles could work together, we sketch out what the possible mashup logo will look like and then get to work. 


Most of our layout is done using a mix of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We're huge font nerds, and Parodybill has given us a creative outlet to celebrate our favorite typographic styles.


Depending on how intricate the logo is, each mashup parody could take anywhere from 2 hours to many days to complete. And some are easier than others. Sometimes the final product looks exactly like the napkin sketch we first drew. Sometimes the parody changes along the way. But in the end, we have so much fun celebrating our love for graphic design and Broadway together in the space that has become Parodybill